Vocations Fund – Stamp Collection Program

Several years ago, the BC State Council had a stamp collecting program with proceeds going to the BC Vocation Fund. This stamp program slowly withered out in part due to less interest in stamp collecting and less available stamps due to electronic mailing. Also there appears to be a significant reduction in serious stamp collectors, who are getting older, greyer and slowly dying out, while enthusiasm from younger collectors is also reduced.

However postage stamps still retain their value and it is often worth contacting local stamp dealers in order to convert that worth into cash. This despite the fact that dealers are nowadays overstocked with stamp collections in search of a buyer and it takes great patience to finally collect cash by means of weekly stamp auctions.

There is a difference between stamp collections housed in albums or stock books and loose stamps collected in a bag or box, which often prove to be of little worth. There are a number of reputable stamp dealers in BC willing to buy a well organised stamp collection and/or sell it with a 25% dealer commission in regular public stamp auctions.

If a council member has a stamp collection they are willing to sell, please contact Brother Arie Smits for advice on how to proceed.

Arie Smits