Virtual Pro-Life Gala Dinner – November 18 7:00 PM

A Virtual Pro-life Gala Dinner

On November 18 as 7:00pm, Advokate will be hosting a virtual pro-life gala dinner, featuring special guest Dr. Anthony Levatino. Advokate is an organization that provides aid to low-income mothers and women facing unplanned pregnancies. They also provide mentorship programs for young fathers, equipping them with the tools they need to take care of their new family. As many may know, Dr. Levatino is famous for having previously performed hundreds of abortions but became a pro-life advocate after a tragic family event.

Those who are near Langley may purchase food for a virtual table of 8, starting at $300. The food can be picked up prior to the start for the event, and eaten at home while tuned in via Zoom. The Zoom link is otherwise available to anyone for free, although we would encourage a donation be made. More information about the event, and how to register, can be found here.

For more details Please email State Program Life Director: Daniel Abraham(

For councils to participate in this as a function eligible to count towards the Columbian Award. Please check with State Program Life Director:

Daniel Abraham(

          1. Obtain approval from the parish priest to participate in the event

           2.a. Plan to have 1 or more virtual tables of 8, hosting dinner at the homes of Knights (being cautious to adhere to guidance regarding Covid)

           2.b. Alternatively, Participants may each tune into the event from their own home.

           3. Promote the event

               – email council members

               – phone council members

               – make a pulpit announcement

           4. Track the number of participants (kofc members and non members), and the amount of funds raised (by members and non members)

           A couple of common questions:

            Q: what is the link for the live video?

            A: – for more information contact the event organizer, Bethany:

           Q: how can donations be made?