State Office Contact

Knights of Columbus BC & Yukon State Council
B. Dan O’Hara (Joanne)

315-8850 118A Street (Columbus Lodge Bldg.)
Delta, BC V4C 6L5
Office Hrs:
Tuesday and Wednesday 10:00am to 4:00pm
Cell: 604-703-3623

The Executive Assistant can also be found at all State Meetings, DD Meetings and the State Convention (AGM).

Phone calls:
The Executive Assistant will accept your calls and assist you in any way possible. Don’t be shy, if you need assistance or advice, feel free to call. If he can’t answer your concern he will advise you as to who can help you.

Email etiquette is important!! If you wish to communicate by email, please ensure you are gracious enough to add your first and last name, contact phone number and council number. We are all on the same team so let’s help one another! Even if you have a complaint, please remember we are all Brothers which means we belong to the same family so civility and politeness is appreciated. Emails that do not seem to be appropriate or courteous, or do not have contact information provide, may not be answered. With hacking, scams, and the like, we have to be careful to protect one another.

Throughout the year, councils are required to submit forms to the State Deputy and Supreme. In many cases, those forms required to be sent to the State Deputy now need only to be sent to the EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT. There is no need to duplicate the effort as the Executive Assistant reports weekly to the State Deputy. This will reduce the number of emails and enables to Executive Assistant to speak on your behalf with Supreme in the event they report a form BC/Yukon has not been submitted.
This is the list of forms required to be sent to the office of the Executive Assistant:
Form 185 – Report of Council Officers; due 01 July
Form 365 – Report of Service Program Personnel; due 01 August
Form SP7 – Columbian Award Application; due 30 July
Form 1728 – Annual Fraternal Survey; due 15 January
Form 1295 (June) Semi-Annual Audit; due 15 August
Form 1295 (December) Semi-Annual Audit; due 15 February

Recruiting Material:
The State Office contains a plethora of recruiting material that is available for your use at no cost unless you require it to be shipped. We will do our best to keep everyone’s cost down.

State Office Inventory