Novena for Life

Novena for Life:

In addition to the work we do to protect and promote the value of human life in all of its stages, it is important to pray for the intention. There are two Novenas for Life that our state council is promoting. The first is a prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe, which concludes on her feast day on December 12. The second is the 9 Days for Life Novena which offers online registration for daily reminders. This Novena usually occurs at the end of January. There are many other Novenas that are out there and will still count towards the Columbian award for Life functions.


  1. Choose a Novena for Life to pray together as a council.
  2. (optional) Obtain permission from your parish Priest to celebrate Mass for the intention of the Novena for Life any day during the course of the Novena.
  3. (optional) Print out sufficient copies of the resources so that participants may join in praying the Novena.


  1. Include a bulletin insert, 1-2 weeks in advance, inviting parishioners to participate in prayer for 9 days.
  2. Hand out copies of the Novena Prayer after Mass the weekend before the Novena begins, or provide a link to where the resources can be found.
  3. Circulate an email invitation to council members, any parish pro-life groups, and prayer groups.


  1. (optional) If hosting in person in Church, provide copies of the Novena for Life to hand out to participants, before Saturday morning Mass.
  2. (optional) Select one Knight to lead the congregation in the day’s prayer, after Mass.
  3. Keep track of the number of participants, kofc members and non members.
  4. (optional) Take pictures of the event. A screenshot will work if a group prays together over a video call.


  1. Novena to Our Lady of Guadalupe – December 12
  2. 9 days for Life Novena – End of January