Ed Panes – State Deputy

Email: statedeputy@kofcbc.org

Brother Edgardo Panes joined Knights of Columbus Council 10681, Christopher Columbus, at St. Joseph the Worker Parish, Richmond, in 2007. He holds a degree of Bachelor of Science in Mechanical engineering. He was elected Grand Knight of the council in 2009 and served two years in that role. Under his leadership, the council gained Double Star council awards for two consecutive years with phenomenal growth in Insurance and Membership and Recognition for Service Programs, which included helping the needy at the Richmond Food bank with the Coats for Kids program.

Brother Edgardo earned the Grand Knight of the Year Award in 2010-2011. Appointment as District Deputy for District #23 followed, and during Brother Edgardo’s term in office from 2012 to 2014, the district assembled second Degree teams and gained Star District status for two consecutive years. In 2014 saw Brother Ed was appointed as State Convention and Conference Chairman for the British Columbia and Yukon State Council. Brother Ed was elected State Warden in 2015, and State Advocate for the 2016-2017 and also State Retention Director for two years; State Treasurer 2017-2019.

State Chaplain – Bishop Gary Gordon – email: statechaplain@kofcbc.org

Marcel Renaud – State Secretary

Email: statesecretary@kofcbc.org 

Marcel has been married to his wife, Barbara, since 1982. They have four grown children and two grandchildren. He is a Senior Process Piping Designer for the oil & gas industry, and has been working as a software designer for that industry and many others for over 30 years. Marcel has been a member of St. Luke’s Parish in Maple Ridge since 1975, growing up there and raising his own family there. He has been a member or the chair of many of the committees in the parish at one time or another – most significantly, Liturgy Committee Chair and was in charge of training and scheduling altar servers, Lectors, and Extra-Ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. He and his wife Barbara were the RCIA coordinators for 9 years.

Marcel joined Our Lady of the Valley Council #10889 in 1993, where he is still an active Member. Immediately upon joining, he formed the Council’s first 1st Degree Team. Upon receiving his 2nd and 3rd Degrees, he joined the Lower Mainland Major Degree Team. He was certified in most parts of all of the first three of the former Degree Ceremonials, including being a Conferring Officer of the Knighthood Degree for 20 years. Marcel received the honours of the Patriotic Degree in January 2016, and is an active member of St. John Paul II Assembly’s Colour Guard and Captain of the 4th Degree Ceremonial Team.

Marcel has held many of the positions in his Council, including Program Director, 6 years as Financial Secretary, and his Council received the Star Council award in his first year as Grand Knight. He served 3 years as State Ceremonial and Protocol Chairman, 2 years as the Executive Assistant to the State Deputy, 2 years as State Membership Retention Director, and was the jurisdiction’s inaugural State Online Membership Coordinator. Marcel served as State Advocate 2017-2019, and State Treasurer/Bursary Chairman 2019-2021.

Herb Yang – State Treasurer

Email: statetreasurer@kofcbc.org

Herb Yang was born in Manila, Philippines. His family moved to Vancouver in 1974. He graduated from Gladstone Secondary in 1979 and received a B.A.Sc. in Electrical Engineering at UBC in 1985. Herb worked for General Electric for 22 years and currently owns a Technical Sales Agency selling electrical equipment covering Western Canada representing major corporations including General Electric and Siemens.  Herb is married to Clara and has two daughters, Marisa and Kristen.

They live in Coquitlam and is a member of All Saints Parish. He joined the order in 1997 and has served as Grand Knight for 3 years. He has served the State Council as District Deputy for 4 years, State Youth Director for 3 years, State Program Director for 4 years, Executive Assistant to the State Deputy for 2 years, and State Charity Appeal Chairman for 2 years. Herb served as State Warden 2017-2019 and State Advocate 2019-2021.  Herb enjoys running and has completed 11 marathons & several half marathons. He & Clara enjoy traveling and learning about the food & culture of the area.

Ed Nacar – State Advocate

Email: stateadvocate@kofcbc.org

Brother Edgar Nacar joined the Knights of Columbus on Oct. 9, 1997 with Council 5423 in Burnaby, British Columbia. In the following year, he joined Assembly 2726 in the Fourth Degree. In July 2012 the District Deputy #4 then, asked him to help in establishing a council in Our Lady of Sorrows. He, then, transferred his membership to Our Lady of Sorrows, Council 15564 as a Charter member. He was chosen as Interim Grand Knight from Dec. 2012 to Jun. 2013, and subsequently elected for two more years. Under his tenure, his Council earned Triple Star Award in both terms.

After two and a half years of term as Grand Knight, Edgar was appointed District Deputy for District #4. During his first year, from 2015-2016, his district earned a Star Award and in his second year term, from 2016-2017, he established Council 16692, St. John the Apostle. As a result of his efforts that same year, he earned the Distinguished Award, District Deputy of The Year, and was, then, re-appointed for two more years.
He was elected State Warden 2019-2021 and also served as the State Hispanic Coordinator and State New Council Development and Round Table Chairman. He is currently serving as State Advocate and State Membership Director.

Edgar is married to Imelda and was blessed with two sons, Jeff and Joshua. Jeff is married to his lovely wife, Sandy. Both sons are charter members of Council 15564.
Brother Edgar holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in both Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. He worked in manufacturing companies in the Philippines and continued to work in the private sector in different capacities upon his immigration to Canada.

Christopher Chen – State Warden

Email: statewarden@kofcbc.org

Brother Christopher Chen joined the Knights of Columbus in 2009 with Council 10500 St. Francis Xavier in Vancouver, B.C. He graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurial Leadership and currently works as a Certified Life Coach for Freedom Coaching. His leadership experience includes serving two years as President of the St. Gregory English Choir at St. Francis Xavier and current President of the Toastmasters Club in Manhasset/Port Washington. After attending his first Annual State Convention in 2017, he applied and was appointed as the Executive Assistant to the State Deputy. Upon his completion as the Executive Assistant to the State Deputy in 2019, he was appointed as the State Charity Appeal Chairman for the BC Charity Foundation and spearheaded the transition from paper tickets to online sales. In 2018, he was elected and became the youngest Grand Knight in Council 10500 and was awarded the State Grand Knight of the Year Award. The council was also awarded the State Service Program award for the Best Family Program.  Council 10500 achieved star council status during his two terms as Grand Knight. After his second and final term in 2020, he was elected and became the youngest Faithful Navigator in Assembly 3315 St. Francis Xavier. During the same time, Brother Christopher was appointed as District Deputy #5 and received the District Deputy of the Year Award in 2021. His council was featured in the May edition of the Columbia Magazine and the promotional video by the Canadian Association of the Knights of Columbus. At the 2021 Annual State Convention, he was nominated and elected as the State Warden. He has also been appointed as the State Roundtable and New Council Development Chairman as well as the State Hispanic and Ethnic Coordinator.  Chris currently lives in Vancouver with Alana, his wife and enjoys sports, music, cars, bubble tea and some good soul food.

Dale Hofer – Immediate Past State Deputy

Email: Ipstatedeputy@kofcbc.org 

Dale Hofer joined the Knights of Columbus in 2005 with Council 12202 in Coldstream, BC. Dale was elected Deputy Grand Knight at the next election and retained that position for 3 years before becoming Grand Knight. He was Grand Knight for the next 3 years and during that tenure, his council earned Double Star Council in the first year and Star Council in the 2nd and 3rd years. Council 12202 earned Most Meritorious Council 2 out of the 3 years, as well as a State Community award for the Keep Christ in Christmas Program. After the 3 year term as Grand Knight, Dale was appointed District Deputy for District 11. During this time, a 2nd degree team was created in District 11 of which Dale is a member, as well being a member of as the Vernon/Coldstream 1st degree team. Dale has also served as State Warden, State Advocate, State Program Director and State Treasurer, State Secretary 2017-2019, State Deputy 2019-2021. Dale and his wife Dianne bought a business in Vernon in 2004 and moved there with their three children. Dale is now retired and is involved with Our Lady of the Valley Church as a lector. Dale and his family have been selected as Family of the year twice during their time in Vernon

B, Dan O’Hara, PSD – Executive Assistant to the State Deputy

Email: bcassistant2020@gmail.com 

Dan O’Hara joined the Knights in 1986 with Chilliwack Council 3478 and after serving in several chairs, was elected Grand Knight in 1998, named GK of the Year in 1999 prior to being named DD in 2000 and later, State Charity Appeal Chairman. As GK, his council was a Star Council recipient and he and his family were twice named Family of the Year. He joined the State Board as State Advocate in 2001 and from 2007-2009 served as State Deputy.

From 2009 to 2014, Dan worked for the home office of the Knights of Columbus as Membership and Program Consultant for the jurisdictions of Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, BC and the State of Alaska. During this time he developed and delivered many training programs that we largely responsible for Saskatchewan being admitted to the Circle of Honour. Dan brought BC into the Circle of Honour both years he sat as State Deputy and working with his other jurisdictions as MPC, made the COH, seven times. He was instrumental in creating the March for Life in BC first established in 2008 and for his efforts, was recently awarded the Benemerenti medal by his Holiness, Pope Francis. Dan had a 30 career with the Correctional Service, Canada and he and his wife Joanne, have 2 grown children and 3 grandchildren.