State Directors and Chairmen

Service Program Directors
Executive Assistant to State DeputyDan O’Hara PSD
State General Program DirectorCalvin Mitchell
State Faith DirectorHenri Mercado
State Family DirectorAriel Estrada
State Community DirectorMichael Jones
State Life DirectorDaniel Abraham (778-686-6175)
State Young Adult and Squires CoordinatorCalvin Mitchell
Specialty Program Chairmen
State Communications Chairman & Columbian Magazine Coordinator
Edgar Ursua
State Convention & Conference ChairmanDan O’Hara, PSD
State Safe Environment ChairmanKoon Ming Lau, PSD
State Hispanic & Ethnic Coordinator
State New Council Development & Round Table Chairman
Edgar Nacar, SW
Fr. McGivney Guild & Vocations ChairmanDenis Faucher
State Legal AdvisorPaul Fang
State WebmasterRichard Aloysius
Knights of Columbus {BC} Charity Foundation
PresidentDale Hofer, SD
Foundation AdministratorArcie J. Lim, PSD
Legal AdvisorPaul Fang
Charity Appeal ChairmanChristopher Chen
Bursary ChairmanMarcel Renaud
Charity Appeal website:
Membership Program Directorate
State Membership DirectorHerb Yang, SA
State Online Membership/ Landing Page DirectorRod Giddens
State Member Retention ChairmenNelson Pluff
Training Coordinators
Council Officer Training CoordinatorDan O’Hara , PSD
FS Training CoordinatorNelson Pluff