2024 State Directors and Chairmen

State Service Programs
Executive Assistant to State DeputyKoon Ming Lau, PSD
State General Program DirectorAriel Estrada, SW
State Faith DirectorReiner Dy, FDD
State Family DirectorAndy G. Sambrielaz, FSVM
State Community DirectorGerardo (Ardee) Bautista, FDD (Cristina)
State Life DirectorRichard Whalen
State Young Adult and College CoordinatorCalvin Mitchell
State Communications
State Communications DirectorEdgar Nacar
State Public Relations and Publicity ChairmanAndy Airriess, PSD (Giselle)
State Web Administration ChairmanRichard Aloysius FDD
Technology Chairman Koon Ming Lau, PSD
State Speciality Programs
General Agent/Insurance PromotionRichard Lee Wah
State Safe Environment ChairmanKoon Ming Lau, PSD
State Convention & Conference ChairmanJim Williams
Fr. McGivney Guild & Vocations ChairmanRyan DeHaan, SRGD (Jean)
Legal AdvisorPaul Fang
State Ceremonials Chairman Wil Wilmot, PSD
State Disaster Response ChairmanAngel Figueroa
Training Coordinators
Council Officer Training CoordinatorChristopher Chen
FS Training CoordinatorNelson Pluff
State Membership Program Directorate
State Membership Director
Ed Panes, ISD
State Online MembershipRod Giddens
State Retention ChairmanFederico de Castro, FDD (Aurora)
State NCD and Round Table CoordinatorFrederico (Bing) de Casto, FDD
Regional Membership Director Dale Hofer (Dianne)
Regional Membership Director Ronnie Caballero, FDD (Ma. Ramela)
State Ethnic Growth CoordinatorRonnie Caballero, FDD (Ma. Ramela)
Regional Membership Director Robert Tan, FDD (Elaine)
Regional Membership Director Clement Yapp (Delia)
Regional Membership DirectorMarc T. Orr (Pam)
State Evangelisation and Faith Formation Directorate
EFF DirectorJamie Guerrero (Megan)
EFF Team Member Miguel Andres
EFF Team MemberMichael Lam
Knights of Columbus {BC} Charity Foundation
PresidentHerb Yang (Clara)
DirectorsBishop Michael Kwiatkowski, Edgar Nacar, Christopher Cher, Jim Williams, Ariel Estrada, Edgardo Panes
Foundation AdministratorArcie J. Lim, PSD (Matilda)
Legal AdvisorPaul Fang
Charity Appeal ChairmanDale Hofer, PSD (Dianne)
Bursary ChairmanChristopher Chen
Charity Appeal website: https://www.kofcdraw.net/