Signal Hill Value Project

Value Project Presentations is a dynamic and relevant program that teaches young people about the inherent and unconditional value of every person, while equipping them to make positive choices and develop resiliency so that they can navigate and proactively engage life’s challenges and opportunities successfully.

Other Details:

· Cost: $250/presentation (recommended $500 for 2 presentations, 4 presentations total)
· Length: 60 minutes each
· Audience: Large group (approximately 50-200 elementary or high school students)

For more information, please see

Partnership Instructions:

  1. Contact Signal Hill in order to plan to bring their Value Project to a particular school
  2. Via their contact section:
  3. By phone: 604-532-0023 between the hours of 9am to 5pm
  4. Please make a donation of $500, $250, or another preferred amount either:
  5. Online at;
  6. By calling their office at 604-532-0023 between the hours of 9am to 5pm;
  7. By making a cheque payable to “Signal Hill” and mailing it to: PO Box 45076 RPO Langley Crossing Langley, BC V2Y 0C9
  8. In the cheque memo section, on the phone, or in the mailing, please note the Knights of Columbus council number, so they may properly thank you and to also let the benefiting schools know who is making it possible for them to have a Value Project Presentation.
  9. All gifts made by a registered charity or non-profit will be acknowledged.