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Faith in Action is the new umbrella for all Supreme Council-recommended programs, replacing Surge with Service.

Building the Domestic Church While Strengthening Our Parish remains and is the foundation to the vision and ongoing strategy for creating strong and dynamic parish-based councils. This will include resources for spiritual renewal and the integration of family, council and parish life in a complementary relationship. The Faith in Action program model is an evolution of the Building the Domestic Church initiative and focuses on the most direct way a council can impact its parish community – activities. All of the programs included in Building the Domestic Church have now been integrated into the Faith in Action model or retired. There is now only one model that encompasses all Supreme-recommended programs and it is Faith in Action.

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Faith: Our goal is to strengthen our men and their families in the faith. When we entered the Order, we were reminded to constantly inform ourselves in the Catholic faith. This formation goes beyond mere facts or religious practice to an authentic connection with a loving God and his son Jesus Christ.

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Family: Father Michael J. McGivney sought to strengthen the familial bond of father to mother and children to parents. Our family programs are an evolution and response to a society that seeks to weaken the bonds of family. We must make it clear that society should value a family that is faithful to God and each other.

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Community: As Knights of Columbus, we are called to serve our family and our God. Our first principle is Charity, at home with our families or in our communities. This is a critical part of our Knights of Columbus mission.

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Life: The urgency of the threat to a culture of life cannot be misunderstood. Respect for the dignity of life demands a commitment to human rights across a broad spectrum. Both as Knights of Columbus and as followers of Christ, “Catholics must be committed to the defense of life in all its stages and in every condition” (Saint John Paul II, 1995).


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