The Silver Rose Run

The Silver Rose Run commemorates Our Lady of Guadalupe, and dates from 1960, with the running of the rose by relay from London, Ontario, to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Monterrey, Mexico.

A Silver Rose
A Silver Rose

The original rose was real, and was flown part of the route, and also escorted part way by then Supreme Knight, Luke Hart.

A bronze rose was used in 1961, soon replaced by a silver rose crafted in Mexico by Brother Miguel Martinez Montoya in Monterrey.

Today four roses are used, and run along four routes from Canada or the northern states of the USA, to Mexico, travelling from council to council, meeting in Laredo, Texas, before being transferred to Mexican Knights of Columbus for the last stage of the journey.

Silver Rose Run Honour Guard
Silver Rose – Honour Guard at the Peace Arch border crossing

The west-most route traditionally started in Manitoba, and completed the Canadian part of it’s journey in British Columbia, where the rose is handed over to brother Knights in Washington or Idaho for the next stage of its journey to Monterrey. Expansion of the program saw one route both begin and complete the Canadian portion of the rose’s journey in British Columbia. In 2018, further expansion saw this route begin in Alaska and pass through British Columbia on it’s way to Washington and beyond.

Handing over ceremonies are typically accompanied by an Honour Guard of Fourth Degree Knights, such as this one at the Peace Arch border Crossing, waiting to meet their American counterparts!

For more information about the runs, and the routes for the year, go here: (Route 1 describes the itinerary of the British Columbia rose.) The 2018 BC & Yukon schedule is available here (PDF).

Brother Guenter Rieger of Council 4949 in Vernon also has more information about the Running of the Rose in this Youtube video:

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