State Family Prayer Program

This fraternal year’s Family Prayer Program focuses on the Holy Family. During the opening mass at the 133rd Supreme Convention, Archbishop Chaput in his homily praised the Knights of Columbus for its dedication to the family. He was of course referring to our natural families and the supernatural family of the Church.

A feature of this year’s Family Prayer Program is the image of an etching of the Holy Family by the 18th century artist Giovanni Balestra.2015_Family_Prayer_icon Framed copies were blessed by the Archbishop as State Deputies from all around the world held them. Smaller copies of the icon are also available.

According to the Convention Insider, the Archbishop used the readings to focus on the importance of the family. To quote …

In the first reading, Moses’ brother and sister, Aaron and Miriam, resent their brother’s In the community as God’s sole messenger. Jealousy and envy can tear families apart, Said Archbishop Chaput. Yet forgiveness and reconciliation are powerful agents of healing.

“We are called to love and serve one another and to see the gifts and talents of our family members as gifts from God that can enrich us all,” he said “ We must ask God to restore our families in love, and teach us to be more forgiving, and to cherish and nurture the unique gifts of others.”

In the Gospel, the Apostles caught in the boat during the storm symbolizes the family of the Church, which is at times rocked by scandals from within and attacks from without, the Archbishop continued. Yet after praying throughout the night, Jesus came to them walking on the water to rescue them. He then shows his special relationship with his chief Apostle, Peter, whom he calls and supports in the storm.

This program is not only designed for our brother Knights and their families but also for our larger parish communities. Such parish-wide involvement will certainly open up more interest in the Knights and attract more men and their families to ask more questions and eventually join our ranks.

As always, councils are encouraged to consult their chaplains or pastors close to the time that they are scheduled to receive the image, and make appropriate arrangements for the prayer service to be held.

But before doing that, it is important to start with our own families. Our family is the basic church, and what we do within our families reflects in what we do in our church and the communities we live in. Prayer is our way of communicating with our God. Let us praise Him for His glory, thank Him for His mercy, and yes – ask Him for his grace. Remember: WITHOUT HIM WE CAN DO NOTHING!

The Holy Family Prayer Booklet accompanying the icon is available in PDF format here.

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