Community Program Award

Communities are shaped by the actions of its members and as Knights we should always be there to make a positive change and provide support anyway we can. The Faith in Action guide streamlined our programs and helped councils make that positive change in our communities.Alongside the Faith in Action guide, many councils have risen … Read more

Life Program Award

Life is precious at every stage and as Knights we seek to defend the rights of every human being. The Faith in Action guide provides councils with a variety of program to show our support for life and protect life at every stage. Alongside the Faith in Action guide, councils have partnered with local groups … Read more


Frequently Asked Questions What does this website do? Operates in accordance with the Charter Constitution and Laws of the Knights of Columbus. The State Deputy determines policy of this website. Provides Information such as news, Training schedules, Exemplification schedules, who we are, the programs we run, and why we exist as a subordinate chapter of … Read more

State Directors and Chairmen

Service Program Directors Executive Assistant to State Deputy Dan O’Hara PSD State General Program Director Calvin Mitchell State Faith Director Henri Mercado State Family Director Ariel Estrada State Community Director Michael Jones State Life Director Daniel Abraham (778-686-6175) State Young Adult and Squires Coordinator Calvin Mitchell Specialty Program Chairmen State Communications Chairman & Columbian Magazine … Read more

District Marshalls

Simon Fraser Province District 20 British Columbia and Yukon SK Gordon Reichelt – Vancouver Island and Powell RiverSK Alberto Nisperos – Lower MainlandSK Michael Roy – Okanagan (Assemblies in Districts 8, 9, 10 and 11)SK Johan Johns – North (Assemblies in Districts 15, 16,and 29) +++

Patriotic District

Sir Knight William (Bill) Jankola, Simon Fraser District Master Sir Knight William (Bill) Jankola joined the Knights of Columbus in 1980 with the Father Finnigan Council #5304 in Castlegar, BC. Within the Council he has held numerous offices including Grand Knight, Deputy Grand Knight, Treasurer, Secretary, Financial Secretary, Chancellor, Trustee and Advocate. Bill served on … Read more

Online Exemplification of Charity, Unity, and Fraternity

BC/Yukon State Council invite all Councils to join us in a presentation of the Unified Ceremonial, to help welcome Online Members to your Council, new Members to the Order, and current First and Second Degree Members to the Knighthood Degree of the Order. The Ceremonial will start promptly at 7:30pm, on the 4th Thursday of … Read more

Training Menu

Training scheduleInvitation for Officers & members across Canada Training-Menu_Apr_2021.pdf

State Bursary program for 2021

Bishop Thomas J Lobsinger, OMI; Memorial Bursary Program What you need to know before you apply for this bursary: This process starts with the applicant writing to the State Bursary Chairman for the application package. You will find the information to do this in the Terms of Reference PDF file, see below. However, before you … Read more

Web Meeting Etiquette

An Online web meeting is still a meeting. Do …Remember to look professional and respectful. Dont…Dress inappropriately. Zoom meetings with colleagues are still meetings. Although it’s nice to relax in the comfort of your own home, it’s never a good idea to meet with your colleagues in your pajamas. Do …Dress appropriately and fully. Dress … Read more