District Star Award

Membership Growth Reach 70% of combined council growth quotas Insurance Growth Founders Award earned by every council in district Overall district excellence For each council in your district, submit two District Deputy Semiannual Reports (#944) – Due 12/31 and 6/30 At least one council in the district must earn the Star Council Award +++

Council Key Contacts

Fraternal Mission –, 203-752-4270Membership Records –, 203-752-4210Member Management/Billing –, 203-752-4210Knights Gear –, 1-855-432-7562Supplies Online –, 1-833-591-7770Catholic Information Service –, 203-752-4574Ceremonials –, 203-752-4346Council Accounts –, 203-752-4392F.S. Appointments –, 203-752-4285 +++