Family Program Award

As a Catholic organization, we know good foundations start with the support we receive from our Families. As knights we seek to strengthen those bonds through prayer and support for each other. The Faith in Action guide provides a variety of programs to promote a spiritual family and encourages us to spend quality time with our families.

Through programs such as Family Prayer Night and Family of the Month/Year, councils can provide programs to support Family spiritualty and highlight the families who support the community. In today’s world it can be hard to find time to spend together and as Knights we can’t solve this, but we can offer programs that offer good opportunities for families.

The Family Program Award is given annually to the council within our State that demonstrates the best program within the Family Category. The programs can be a council creation or from the Faith in Action guide. The program should address the needs of the family or support a family in need.

Faith In Action – Family Programs
Food for Families
Family of the Month\Year
Family Fully Alive
Family Prayer Night
Keep Christ In Christmas
Family Week
Consecration of the Holy Family
Good Friday Family Promotion

Judgment Criteria
Deadline: April 25th 2021
Councils must submit Fraternal Programs Report Form (10784) to;
Ariel Estrada –
Calvin Mitchell –

– Families Involvement with planning
– Program creativity
– Officers involvement
– Delegation of tasks
– Number to brother knights involved
– Number of non-members involved
– Total volunteer hour
– Program benefactors
– Number of benefactors