Family in Need: Baby Rosalie …

The Galitsky family are some of the most kind-hearted people I know. Devon and Vitaly recently welcomed their second pre-term daughter into the world on February 9th. At 31 weeks, baby Rosalie weighs just 3lbs and is looking at up to two months in the NICU in Surrey. While a proven fighter, she remains in an incubator on an IV and can only be held by her mother and father for short periods of time. Because they live in Chilliwack, Devon has been working every day to ensure she can stay close to her daughter, either sleeping on a couch at the hospital or Ronald McDonald house when they have room. Vitaly works full time near their home in Chilliwack and is also caring for their 3 year old daughter while Devon and Rosalie are away from home.

As you can imagine it has been a hard journey on all of them, but they are endlessly thankful for the prayers, love and warm thoughts from family and friends. At this time, they could really use some financial assistance to help cover the costs to allow Devon to be near her young baby, and for Vitaly to be able to take some time to care for his family – he is already driving to and from Surrey almost every night to be with them. I am writing this on their behalf because I know they are so entirely deserving of every effort we can all make to support them during this time. I appreciate your consideration and ask, above all else, for your prayers for this beautiful family and the gift of little Rosalie.

This is an opportunity to assist this young family at their difficult time in need. Any questions, please forward them directly to Brother Dan O’Hara, PSDat