Faith Program Award

As knights, we know that we would not be able to accomplish anything without our faith to guide us. We are shaped by our faith, and it give us strengths to fight the battles we face in everyday life. The Faith in Action programs help us share and grow our faith with our friends, families, and community. Many councils have also had long standing prayer groups and retreats to help nurture the faith of their parish communities.

Through programs such as Into the Breach, and Rosary Program, councils have provide ways for families to set aside time and join in prayer. In today’s fast paced word, it is paramount to set aside time and reflect on our faith. Our strengthened faith helps keep us centered on our path through life, so that we may grow closer to God.

The Faith Program Award is given annually to the council within our State that demonstrates the best program within the Faith Category. The programs can be a council creation or from the Faith in Action guide. The program should address spiritual reflection or a faith based event.

Faith In Action – Faith Program List
Into the Breach
Spiritual Reflection
Holy Hour
Pilgrim Icon Program
Building the Domestic Church Kiosk
Rosary Program
Sacramental Gifts

Judgment Criteria
Deadline: April 25th 2021
Councils must submit Fraternal Programs Report Form (10784) to;
Henri Mercado –
Calvin Mitchell –

• Parish involvement
• Program creativity
• Officers involvement
• Delegation of tasks
• Number of brother Knights involved
• Number of non-members involved
• Total volunteer hours
• Program benefactors
• Number of benefactors