Patriotic (4th) Degree Schedule

Dates set for Patriotic (Fourth) Degree exemplifications in the BC & Yukon district of Simon Fraser Province are as follows:

More details of each exemplification will be posted separately (click the date link to go to the respective detail page)

DateCity4th Degree TeamHost AssemblyVenue
09 June, 2019Langford, BCMaster#0032
Langford BC
01 June, 2019Trail,BCMasterTBATrail
February 23, 2019Prince George, BCMaster#0035St. Pius X Parish Hall
Feb 09, 2019South Surrey, BCMasterStar of the SeaGood Shepherd Parish Hall, South Surrey (White Rock), BC
Oct 27, 2018RichmondMaster2485St. Paul’s Parish Gymnasium, Richmond
Oct 13, 2018Prince RupertMaster2104Church of the Annunciation, Prince Rupert
Aug 18, 2018RichmondInstallation Only2485St. Paul’s Church, Richmond