Corpus Fund Contribution

At our AGM a few days ago, we have presented a resolution that was passed many years for every council to hold at least one fundraising event and use the proceeds to grow the Corpus Fund. This has received little traction. The board realizes that it is not that the councils don’t want to contribute; it is just not top of mind to do it. We have done research on what other jurisdictions are doing and we have decided on a structure of donation that has proven successful. Attached is a link of a spreadsheet Foundation-Corpus-Fund-Council-Donation-Tracking.pdf with a target donation amount of each council which is very achievable. The target amount is based on the size of your council. A monthly updated spreadsheet will be sent out with everyone’s up to date contribution. At the end of the year, there will be awards for the top councils and districts.

Also as our Worthy Foundation Administrator brother Arcie Lim stated at the AGM, “We need to try new schemes as the other ideas we have tried in the past did not bring the desired results. Every year, only about five or six councils are making donations to the Corpus Fund. We must look forward, to a time where we are no longer too dependent on gaming proceeds. Government restrictions are always evolving, and some councils are not always in compliance. We need everyone to support and bring awareness to our Corpus Fund.”

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