Community Program Award

Communities are shaped by the actions of its members and as Knights we should always be there to make a positive change and provide support anyway we can. The Faith in Action guide streamlined our programs and helped councils make that positive change in our communities.
Alongside the Faith in Action guide, many councils have risen to meet the needs of their communities by developing their own program.

Through programs such as Global Wheelchair Mission, and Leave No Neighbour Behind, councils have shown the positive change we can make in someone’s life and encouraged men to join our order. Our communities benefit from our success, and success comes from encouraging our member’s interests, all it takes is to get involved.

The Community Program Award is given annually to the council within our State that demonstrates the best program within the Community Category. The programs can be a council creation or from the Faith in Action guide. The program should address the needs of the community or one of the youth events.

Faith In Action – Community Programs
Coats for Kids
Global Wheelchair Mission
Habitat for Humanity
Leave No Neighbor Behind
Disaster Response
Free Throw Championship
Soccer/Hockey Challenge
Helping Hands

Judgment Criteria
Deadline: April 25th 2021
Councils must submit Fraternal Programs Report Form (10784) to;
Michael Jones –
Calvin Mitchell –

– Community involvement
– Program creativity
– Officers involvement
– Delegation of tasks
– Number of brother Knights involved
– Number of non-members involved
– Total volunteer hours
– Program benefactors
– Number of benefactors