Signal Hill Value Project

Value Project Presentations is a dynamic and relevant program that teaches young people about the inherent and unconditional value of every person, while equipping them to make positive choices and develop resiliency so that they can navigate and proactively engage life’s challenges and opportunities successfully. Other Details: · Cost: $250/presentation (recommended $500 for 2 presentations, … Read more

Council Rebate Program

The council rebate program helps the Foundation distribute Charity Appeal Funds to eligible members of the general public within communities supported by our Councils. This program functions under the guidelines of the British Columbia Ministry of Public Safety and the Solicitor General, and the Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch. Council Rebate Allocation

Assembly Star Award

Membership Growth Reach growth quota: 40% less than 2019-2020 membership quota (7%) Programs Civic award Conduct and report at least four varied patriotic programs Submit Civic Award Application (#2321) – Due 6/30 To Be a Patriot award To Be A Patriot Award Application (#TBP-2) – Due 5/30 Earn the To Be A Patriot Award Overall … Read more

District Star Award

Membership Growth Reach 70% of combined council growth quotas Insurance Growth Founders Award earned by every council in district Overall district excellence For each council in your district, submit two District Deputy Semiannual Reports (#944) – Due 12/31 and 6/30 At least one council in the district must earn the Star Council Award +++

Council Star Award

Father McGivney award (Membership Growth) Reach 5% net growth in membership; minimum 3, maximum 20 Founders award (insurance Growth) Promote and host two fraternal benefit seminars (virtual or in-person) Columbian award (Programs) 16 program credits – four in each of the four Faith in Action categories Submit Columbian Award Application (#SP-7) – Due 6/30 Overall … Read more

Council Helpful Links

• – Tips on how to conduct a Church Recruitment Drive• – Faith in Action programs landing page• – Information and requirements for the Star Council Award• – Registration link and webinar archive• – Fraternal Training Resources• – Forms and Information• – Into the Breach Video Series +++

Council Key Contacts

Fraternal Mission –, 203-752-4270Membership Records –, 203-752-4210Member Management/Billing –, 203-752-4210Knights Gear –, 1-855-432-7562Supplies Online –, 1-833-591-7770Catholic Information Service –, 203-752-4574Ceremonials –, 203-752-4346Council Accounts –, 203-752-4392F.S. Appointments –, 203-752-4285 +++

Knights Bike Drive and Clinic

On Saturday June 13, Knights of Columbus Council 5423 Holy Cross held a Bicycle Drive and Clinic at John Paul II Centre in the South Cambie area of Vancouver, where used bikes were accepted to be refurbished and distributed to the poor so they can go for groceries, jobs, schooling and medical appointments. 60 adult … Read more

KofC BC Charity Foundation – Donations For over fifty (50) years, the British Columbia and Yukon State Council and its affiliated subordinate Councils, have relied heavily on the gaming revenue from the Annual Charity Appeal lottery; which is undertaken by the Knights of Columbus (BC) Charity Foundation in order to support numerous charitable, community and … Read more

C#10681 – Charity Lawn Sign Campaign – Leave No Neighbour Behind

For the entire month of May (at the very least , subject to change) , our council is selling KofC Lawn Signs to publicly express our gratitude and support for our frontliners and essential workers. (please see picture below & attached ) priced at $20 each. Proceeds from this effort will be used to support the Canadian Red … Read more