Family Program Award

As a Catholic organization, we know good foundations start with the support we receive from our Families. As knights we seek to strengthen those bonds through prayer and support for each other. The Faith in Action guide provides a variety of programs to promote a spiritual family and encourages us to spend quality time with … Read more

Message from Family Director

Worthy Sirs: I am pleased to announce Brother Parry Fung of Council 11916 as the winner of the Family of the Month (FoM) for the month of December 2019 as selected by Supreme.  Congratulations Brother Parry and family and to Council 11916! I would also like to thank Councils 5566, 10500 and 11916 for continuously submitting … Read more

State Family Guideline

Following are State sponsored guidelines: CONSECRATION-TO-THE-HOLY-FAMILY-Guidelines.pdf FAMILY-PROGRAM-KCIC-Guidelines.pdf