Novena for Life

Novena for Life: In addition to the work we do to protect and promote the value of human life in all of its stages, it is important to pray for the intention. There are two Novenas for Life that our state council is promoting. The first is a prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe, which … Read more

Vocations Fund Stamp Collection

Vocations Fund – Stamp Collection Program The Stamp Collection Program in support of the K. of C. State Vocation Fund isalive and well today. Whether your stamp collection is in a bag, box of loosestamps, a stock book full of stamps “off-paper” or in a neatly arranged stampalbum, all have their value, although the stamp … Read more

Best Website Award

Having a website and online presence strategy allows a Council to showcase its entity online. A website is important as it helps to establish credibility as a Council of the Knights of Columbus organisation. Websites usually provide a map and direction to prospective member candidates, and the community.A Council website is a window for the … Read more

Best Council Bulletin-Newsletter Award

Submission Deadline: April 25, 2021 Councils must submit application via email to State General Program Director – Calvin Mitchell – State Newsletter / Public Relations Chairman – Edgar Ursua – CRITERIA Total Number of monthly publications July 2020 to March 2021 Design / Format /Layout • front cover appearance, body text and headlines … Read more

Faith Program Award

As knights, we know that we would not be able to accomplish anything without our faith to guide us. We are shaped by our faith, and it give us strengths to fight the battles we face in everyday life. The Faith in Action programs help us share and grow our faith with our friends, families, … Read more

Family Program Award

As a Catholic organization, we know good foundations start with the support we receive from our Families. As knights we seek to strengthen those bonds through prayer and support for each other. The Faith in Action guide provides a variety of programs to promote a spiritual family and encourages us to spend quality time with … Read more

Community Program Award

Communities are shaped by the actions of its members and as Knights we should always be there to make a positive change and provide support anyway we can. The Faith in Action guide streamlined our programs and helped councils make that positive change in our communities.Alongside the Faith in Action guide, many councils have risen … Read more

Life Program Award

Life is precious at every stage and as Knights we seek to defend the rights of every human being. The Faith in Action guide provides councils with a variety of program to show our support for life and protect life at every stage. Alongside the Faith in Action guide, councils have partnered with local groups … Read more

News Release: Feb. 1st- May 1st, 2021 – Vancouver, BC – Council 1081, Knights of Columbus

The BC Technology for Learning Society (BCTLS, a registered B.C. charity which accepts donations of used technology for refurbishment and deployment back to schools, non profit organizations, First Nations communities and low income families), has partnered with Knights of Columbus, Council 1081 (Vancouver, BC), and the Rotary club of Vancouver, in order to bring financial … Read more