Faith in Action – C#2552 – Langley

Six years ago K of C Fraser Valley Council 2552 was asked by then assistant pastor Fr. James Kairu at St. Joseph’s Parish in Langley, BC., to participate in a fundraiser to provide wheelchairs for the disabled in Kenya. With the help of fundraising, private donations and support from the BC and Yukon State Council, enough money was raised to pay for a container load of 280 wheelchairs which was shipped to Mombasa, Kenya in July of 2019.

Council Members Mike Dunn (unpacking wheelchair) and Bernie Hetzler holding council Banner along with members of the CMA (Catholic Men’s Association in Kenya) during wheelchair distribution August 18, 2019

In August 2019, 2 members from Council 2552 traveled to Eldoret, Kenya to receive and distribute some of the wheelchairs at the celebration of Fr. James’ 25th anniversary of ordination. Over 2000 participants attended that celebration and witnessed the distribution of wheelchairs gifted to the local Archbishop.

A huge thank you to the members of Council 2552 for coordinating this initial project; to all those involved in procuring, ordering, shipping, and especially Fr. James, for negotiating with local authorities the release of the shipment following a large bureaucratic issue.

Thank you.

submitted by ~ Bernard Hetzler PGK; Council 2552


Community Program Guidelines

Dear Brothers,

I am excited at the opportunities that these programs offer your councils in fulfilling your council requirements for the Community programs portion of Faith in Action for this year. These programs can and will bring interest from everyone in your parish and your community provided you make sure that the parish and community is aware of when and where each of the programs is taking place. Ask for assistance from the parish men and also their families. Your council has access to a plethora of materials to use for this purpose. Don’t forget to advertise! Have fun and God Bless.

First Quarter of the fraternal year.

1. Disaster Preparedness; The details of this program are in Faith in Action booklet. This runs from August to November, so you have plenty of time to complete. Each council will need to identify all those individuals in the Parish who in the event of a disaster
( such as wheelchair bound, mobility issues, etc), that would require extra assistance whether it be evacuation or food, supplies or water. Contact your parish office to identify those individuals. Once the information is collected it needs to be passed on to your District Deputy, the State Community Director and the State Deputy. This should be completed by November. Please be aware that Provincial agencies and emergency personnel will direct you beyond those specific needs and are to be obeyed at all times. You will need to set up a committee in your council who in the event of a disaster can be mobilized into action. Any questions regarding this program, can be directed to me at

2. Coats for Kids; While your Faith in Action booklets indicate this program starts in October, you should be ordering now so you have your coats ready for distribution in October. Please order the coats from Supreme ASAP, you will find the coats for “extreme weather” available through They will begin shipping on the 15th of September. Please order early so that you can have them distributed as early as possible (before the snow flies). All Knights participating in the distribution need to have done their training and have criminal records checks completed.

3. Soccer Challenge; This will be dependent on the schools schedules, contact your local schools, find out if they wish to participate and then schedule. Your Community Director will need to arrange for a few Knights to take the lead roles in implementing this program. Make sure that all Knights involved have done their training and had their criminal records checks done before starting this program. No Exceptions

4. Catholic Citizenship Essay; This is open to all eligible children of your parish. Please refer to your Faith in Action booklets for details. This is one of the easiest programs to run. If you have a Catholic School close by you can co-ordinate with the school regarding this program. Select a couple of members to act as judges as well as teachers from the catholic schools. Reminder that this can be done later than August as indicated.

Second Quarter Programs

1. Global Wheelchair Mission; This is primarily a fundraising program and can be done in a myriad of ways as there is no one way to do it, that means your imagination can run wild. It can be dinner, hold wheelchair races, whatever your council thinks will generate the best response. Even if you can only raise enough for one or two wheelchairs, you are helping not just a couple of people but entire families and communities. This is one of the most rewarding programs we as Knights can participate in. Don’t forget to elicit donations from local business’s.

Involve your parish and your communities. There are posters, forms, and brochures available directly from the Canadian Wheelchair Foundation. Contact them and they will send out all the materials you need. Let’s take this over the top this year.

2. Habitat for Humanity; This program is suggested for October, however this may not be the case in your area but if you contact your local Habitat for Humanity office they can advise as to when and where their builds will take place and how you can help. Remember as with all programs please take pictures of all participants.

3. Free Throw Championship; Check with your local schools to select dates and to see about their participation. Like the soccer challenge this program is open to all schools not just our catholic schools so make sure you contact them all in your area. The requirements for safe environment apply to this program, make sure your council participants are compliant before participating. Once the program is completed forward the winners names and contact information to your District Deputy for the District Level. Winners then are forwarded to State for the State Finals. Again your council Community Director will need to select a few men to help run this program.

4. Helping Hands; This is a new and mandatory program. The idea with this is to be actively involved in your community by helping at soup kitchens, holding and serving dinners for the disadvantaged, handing out clothing and blankets to the homeless, etc. There are many ways to help, but however you plan on doing it you must keep in mind that this program requires active participation from your councils. Simply sending a cheque to a charity will not count, and cannot be combined with the Food for Families program. I look forward to seeing what your councils have done with this program so don’t forget to forward your pictures and short write ups to myself and our State Program Director.

Third and Fourth Quarters

Coats for Kids should be wrapped up by now and all photos and write ups should be sent in. Global Wheelchair mission should also be complete by the end of March and all funds sent into either State or the Canadian Wheelchair Foundation for final tally for the year. All other uncompleted programs should be done and the necessary forms sent in as soon as possible. Have fun with these programs elicit help from your parish and communities and watch your councils grow like never before.

Vivat Jesus, Mike Jones
State Community Director BC & Yukon State Council

Please keep in mind that these programs are also to be used as recruitment opportunities, and as such keeping your parish informed of upcoming programs should garner interest, be prepared to answer questions regarding programs or membership and or direct them to the on-line membership portal. With all these projects and programs please take several photos, do a short write up about your council’s activities and send them into State and myself. I am here to assist you as needed so please don’t hesitate to ask for help should the need arise.

Faith in Action – C#5540 – Coquitlam

Queen of All Saints Parish, Coquitlam – jointly with CWL and Knights Council #5540 were involved in helping others by serving food and water at “Giving Thanks Day” at McLean Park on Sunday August 25th 11:00 to 5:00 pm. It was hard to count with approximately serving between 500-600 people along with other community groups.It was a very good event for some less fortunate, some families and just visitors to the park. There were many questions about who the Knights are and what they do…Thanks everyone for their efforts and support!

Special thanks to brothers Daren, Dyllan, Garrett, Peter, Gabe, Larry, YuiSHun, Tony, Sal and Michael Yeo(PSD) for support and cooking fabulous sausages in the heat!

Article submitted by Daren Hancott, DD#19, Coquitlam

Faith in Action – C#5540 – Coquitlam

Queen of All Saints, Coquitlam KofC Free Throw Challenge and on June 26th was represented for the Knights as a council representative by Garrett Hancott.

Garrett Hancott ( age 19, 3rd degree knight) has a busy summer and participated in two activities at the Queen of All Saints. He helped with the Free Throw Challenge and handed out 80 certificates and, he attended Queen of All Saints Bursary event as the council representative. He presented 4 bursaries totaling $400.00 to 4 students. Fr. Don and Fr. Francesco were hosts at the event.  This lad shows leadership potential and is an example Province-wide.

Faith in Action – C#9125 – Port Coquitlam – August 10th, 2019

Council 9125 is holding its 10th Annual Golf Tournament

DATE:Saturday, August 10th<
TIME:Registration at 9:30 AM
Tee Time – 10:00 AM ;
Best Ball Format
GOLF LOCATION:Golden Eagle Golf Course, 21770 Ladner Road, Pitt Meadows
Dinner Location:Our Lady of Assumption School Gym 2255 Fraser Ave. (Fraser at Shaughnessy), Port Coquitlam
Cocktails at 6:00
Dinner at 7:00 PM

$90.00 per person – includes dinner & a Beer

Contact: – GK Bob Jones –

Loy Tetangco –

Faith in Action – Baby Rosalie update …

Many of you will remember the email we sent out nearly four months ago requesting financial help for the Galitsky family and their baby, Rosalie. While some may not have been able to donate, I know we were able to rely on your prayers. I am happy to forward to you, the following update on the status of Rosalie and her family and would like to add to the letter my sincerest appreciation for your generous care, prayers and donations that brought almost $3500.00 to the family to assist with their expenses.

~ Dan O’Hara,  PSD ~

To the members of the Knights of Columbus,

We are so incredibly grateful for all of your prayers and the gracious charity you provided for our family during Rosalie’s difficult birth and early weeks. We would like to offer an update on her well-being and growth to all concerned. She is now almost four months old (about 16 weeks), and 9 pounds, which is right where she should be for her adjusted age of 7 weeks! She has tripled her birth weight and is showing steady growth and development. She is such a pleasure to have at home; we especially love the happy smiles she shares with her older sister!

Our family’s time spent with Rosalie in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit was a deep challenge, as any family of a sick child will tell you. With that being said, the kindness, generosity and support offered to us by strangers has made all of you an unforgettable part of our heart, and eased this difficult journey so much. Each financial donation meant a burden off our shoulders, and meant that Rosalie’s father could spend more time bonding with his new daughter, supporting his wife, and providing stability for our three year old during all of the upheaval. We cannot thank the Knights of Columbus members enough; our gratitude for your support goes deeper than words. Rosalie is a blessing in our lives, and so are all of you. Thank you with all of our hearts.

With gratitude and love,
Devon, Vitaly, Chiara, and, of course, Rosalie.

Faith in Action – C#14459 – Vancouver – June 8, 2019

Council #14459, Pope John Paul II, Polish Council would like to welcome You Worthy Brothers and the Family for X POLISH PARISH DAYS  2019 organized by St. Casimir Parish in Vancouver.BC.
Fantastic Polish food – ,possibility to dance under the cloud -great prizes  (if You lucky could me a millioner)
It is two day event.
On Saturday June 8th – 8:30 AM – is  family day – all the activities for children  are free.
Sunday 9th – 8:30 AM – Including the  MAGICIAN TRENT TINNEY one hour show starts at  14.30 (2.30 pm)
Contact: Wladek Olesiak

Faith in Action – C#5423 – Burnaby – June 1, 2019

On Saturday June 1, the Knights of Columbus of Holy Cross Parish will march or ride in Burnaby’s Superheroes-themed Hats Off Day Parade 2019 with “The Triumph of the Cross Over Sin and Death”, a float of their own
design and construction.

At last year’s event, themed “Pirates and Sailors”, this same group’s “Santa Maria” entry won the “Best in Parade” trophy out of 50 participants. Since 2005, Hats Off Day has been consistently voted Burnaby’s most popular festival, filling the Burnaby Heights stretch of Hastings Street with merrymakers from near and far.

Knights of Holy Cross Council 5423 and Msgr Carey Assembly 2726, and all other Councils and Assemblies, both in Colour Guard or informal dress, are invited to gather by 9:20 am at Parade Position #15 on Hastings at Gamma near Willingdon; the parade will start soon after, and finish at Boundary Road. Seniors and others may ride in chairs on the spacious flatbed trailer-float, accessible by ramp; Knights families may also join. Props and garb illustrating various Knights projects and activities will be provided, or bring your own. Parking will be available on surrounding residential streets as first-come first-served (please obey all street signs). Participation or viewing are free.

The Knights of Columbus is an international organization of Catholic men in service to church and community; Council 5423 is based at Holy Cross Parish in northwest Burnaby: We also thank Kia West and the staff and students of Holy Cross Elementary School for helping to make this project possible.

See also .

For more information, contact Graham Darling 778-836-7122.


Faith in Action – C#10681 – Richmond – June 15th, 2019

Helping Hands …

… is a new program endorsed by the Knights of Columbus to care for the most disadvantage members of our communities – the homeless, the addicted, the elderly who may feel isolated and abandoned, and many others. So for this program our council will be volunteering at the St. Alban’s homeless program. The address is 7260 St. Alban Rd., Richmond and this will be on June 15th, Saturday 7:30AM to 10:30AM. 

Contact: David Buyser <>