Blood Donation Program

Giving blood is a great demonstration of the value for life, and a great time to do so is during Lent, as we reflect upon the passion of our Lord Jesus Christ. Two options are listed for councils to encourage their members to give blood.

Option 1: Participate in an existing blood drive

  1. If you haven’t already, create an account with
  2. Sign on to your account
  3. Take the eligibility quiz:
  4. Find an upcoming blood drive to participate in by entering your location, then press start booking
  5. Book an appointment for yourself
  6. Encourage other council members to go through he same process

Option 2: Organize a group blood donation (if available in your region)

  1. Complete steps 1-3 from Option 1
  2. Find the donor center nearest you, and determine their hours:
  3. Put together a team of donors and select a day to donate, and ensure that the potential onors also create an account
  4. Contact 1-888-236-6283 to book an appointment at the nearby center