State Directors and Chairmen

State Service Programs Executive Assistant to State Deputy Dan O’Hara PSD State General Program Director Ariel Estrada State Faith Director Reiner Dy State Family Director Nelson Balitaan State Community Director Bofleton Mayormita State Life Director Daniel Abraham State Young Adult and Squires Coordinator Calvin Mitchell Regional Membership Director State Membership Program Directorate State Online Membership/Landing … Read more

State Council Newsletter

Summer 2021 Edition State Newsletter Special Edition – DD Organizational Meeting July 2021 Beyond Measure – Ladies in Action  May – June 2021 State NewsletterMarch – April 2021 State Newsletter January-February 2021 State NewsletterMidYear Meeting Special Edition – December 2020November-December 2020 State NewsletterSeptember-October 2020 State NewsletterJuly-August 2020 State NewsletterSpecial Edition – State Organizational Meeting June 2020May-June … Read more

State Office Contact

EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT TO State DeputyKnights of Columbus BC & Yukon State CouncilB. Dan O’Hara (Joanne) 315-8850 118A Street (Columbus Lodge Bldg.)Delta, BC V4C 6L5Office Hrs:Tuesday and Wednesday 10:00am to 4:00pmCell: 604-703-3623email: The Executive Assistant can also be found at all State Meetings, DD Meetings and the State Convention (AGM). Phone calls:The Executive Assistant will … Read more

Corpus Fund Tracking

At our AGM 2020, we presented a resolution that was passed many years for every council to hold at least one fundraising event and use the proceeds to grow the Corpus Fund. This has received little traction. The board realizes that it is not that the councils don’t want to contribute; it is just not … Read more

Patriotic Degree Exemplification – Schedule 2021

An invitation to all 3rd Degree Knights to become a member of the Patriotic Degree (4th). Date Time Host June 19, 2021 10:00 AM Saskatchewan Time Virtual Meeting August 15, 2021 2:00 PM Saskatchewan Time Virtual Meeting Registration …via email to Master Bill Jankola: Form 4a – required for registration. Meeting will open 15 … Read more

Training Menu

Training scheduleInvitation for Officers & members across Canada Training-Menu_October_2021.pdf

District Deputies

Click the DDs Name to send an email to DD: Click the Council Name to send email to GK: An asterisk before DD’s name indicates that he is a new DD: An asterisk before council names indicates the DD’s home council: District 1 Victoria Jim Williams Victoria (Victoria) 1256St. Patrick’s (Victoria) 7934Langford (Victoria) 8394*Saanich Peninsula … Read more

Vocations Fund – Stamp Collection Program

Several years ago, the BC State Council had a stamp collecting program with proceeds going to the BC Vocation Fund. This stamp program slowly withered out in part due to less interest in stamp collecting and less available stamps due to electronic mailing. Also there appears to be a significant reduction in serious stamp collectors, … Read more

Best Website Award

Having a website and online presence strategy allows a Council to showcase its entity online. A website is important as it helps to establish credibility as a Council of the Knights of Columbus organisation. Websites usually provide a map and direction to prospective member candidates, and the community.A Council website is a window for the … Read more