March for Life 2014

March for Life 2014, Victoria BC, May 8, 2014, Pictures and Video


The major Culture of Life activity for the fraternal year was the Annual March for Life at the Legislature grounds in Victoria, BC on Thursday May 8, 2014. The theme this year was “Life, The Only Choice!”

The March for Life Joint Committee put together an excellent program. The day started with mass being celebrated at three Churches in Victoria at 12:00 PM, followed by the March from Centennial Square at 2:00 PM to the Legislative Buildings where the rally began promptly at 2:30 PM. The rally featured a well chosen roster of inspirational guest speakers and lively music. As always, the Victoria Councils took a very active role in supporting and planning the logistics for the March and the Joint Committee is very grateful to those Councils for their on-going support, hard work and dedication.

Attached is the link to the YOU TUBE video for the recent March for Life which occurred on May 8, 2014 in Victoria BC. I am sure you will find it a very inspiring video and will make you proud of your youth, your parishioner and your Council members who participated.

It would be nice if it could be played after masses on a Sunday in the summer in your parishes and in your Council meetings. If the link to the video could be included in your Council bulletins as well, that would be appreciated. We hope it will inspire more to attend the March next year. As well, we hope that it will inspire more Council’s to sponsor or co-sponsor transportation to the event for their parishioners in the form of chartered buses. The Joint Organizational Committee is already hard at work planning the March for Life 2015. Please help make it a bigger success then this year’s awesome March.

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