2013-14 Culture of Life Essay Contest Results

BC and Yukon State Knights of Columbus
2013-2014 Culture of Life
Essay, Poster and Picture Contest Results

The Knights of Columbus in the BC and Yukon State jurisdiction are extremely pleased to announce the winners of the essay, poster and picture contest. All the submissions were very good and it was apparent that the students had put a lot of work, energy and thought into their submissions. A panel of well qualified judges with university level degrees and/or coursework and experience in English composition and Art was convened to assess each category respectively and the following students are the winning applicants in each category. Although some students did not place in the top three spots in their category, their submissions deserved honourable mention and are also indicated in the relevant categories below.

To recap, the 2013 – 2014 Contest asked Catholic students in BC and the Yukon in public, private and parochial schools grades 7 through 12, to submit an original positive themed essay on any facet of the Culture of Life. Students in Grades 4-6 were encouraged to do a positive themed Celebration of Life Poster with a slogan and students in Grades 1-3 were encouraged to do a positive themed Celebration of Life picture.

High School (Grades 10 – 12)
Place Prize Name Essay Topic Parish
1 $200 Erika Korompai Stem Cell Research and the Dignity of Human Life St Anthony’s of Padua, Vancouver, BC
2 $100 Mac Nowakowski Viva la Vida, An Essay on the Culture of Life St. Anthony’s,
West Vancouver, BC
3 $50 None


Junior High School (Grades 7 – 9)
Place Prize Name Essay Topic Parish
1 $200 Mirella Ramsay Being Pregnant is Okay St Joseph’s, Salmon Arm, BC
2 $100 Abigail Spies We are In God’s Hands St Joseph’s, Surrey, BC
3 $50 Shaeleen Mihalynuk Culture of Life Issues Sacred Heart, Victoria, BC
Junior High School (Grades 7 – 9) – Honourable Mention
Name Essay Topic Parish
Duneesha De Silva Culture of Life Issues St. James, Abbotsford, BC


Intermediate School (Grades 4 – 6)
Place Prize Name Poster Theme Parish
1 $100 Claire Baycroft A Baby is a Little Piece of Heaven Our Lady of the Valley,
Vernon, BC
2 $75 Caitlin Sankaran-Wee Choose Life St. Anthony of Padua, Vancouver, BC
3 $50 Riana Hockridge Culture of Life, Peace of Love St Joseph’s, Victoria, BC
Intermediate School (Grades 4 – 6) – Honourable Mention
Name Poster Theme Parish
Brooklyn Routley A Baby is Gift from Heaven Our Lady of the Valley, Vernon, BC
Ailene-Joy Dublin Culture of Life St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Victoria, BC
Noelle Ramsay Choose Life. Pregnancy Can Be Scary, Babies are Not St. Joseph’s, Salmon Arm, BC


Primary School (Grades 1 – 3)
Place Prize Name Subject of Picture Parish
1 $50 Gemma Dumas “Bright Future”, Different panels of life scenes St. Andrew’s, Victoria, BC
2 $25 Allan Gilliard Scenes of Life from Nature Sacred Heart,
Prince George, BC
3 $15 Anushka Ablak Scenes of Life from Nature

The Contest Committee would like to acknowledge and thank Edward Shawchuk, State Deputy-BC and Yukon State, and his Executive team for their excellent commitment and support to this contest and to all youth programs in BC and the Yukon.

We wish to thank all the students for their well crafted submissions and encourage you all to apply again next year! God Bless!

Dale and Debbie McGregor
Knights of Columbus 2013-2014 Contest Committee
BC and Yukon State Jurisdiction
March 30, 2014