5th Sunday Rosary

To help bring parishioners together in a spiritual activity and promote devotion to Mary, the Knights of Columbus Supreme council has announced a new church activity, the 5th Sunday Rosary Program. Knights, their families and other parishioners are encouraged to pray the rosary as a corporate body every time a 5th Sunday occurs during a month.

The 5th Sunday Rosary services will be conducted on Aug. 30, Nov. 29, Jan. 31, and May 29, during the 2015-2016 fraternal year, each of these dates being the 5th Sunday in that particular month.

Ideally, the program would be conducted prior to each Mass or prior to a particular Mass on the weekend of the 5th Sunday, or at some other convenient time and place in the parish that weekend, coordinated with the pastor.

Rosaries and Rosary prayer cards are available from the Supreme Council in support for this program, upon request from the councils.